Would you like your child to learn how to focus and concentrate?
Would you like your child to develop vital social skills and learn how to interact with other children, as well as adults?
Would you like your child to be AWARE and SAFE?
Should your child develop a strong, healthy body?
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Focus and Concentrate
Positive reinforcement helps your child learn to stay focused and successfully complete tasks. We understand that young children have short attention spans. It takes a great deal of effort on a child’s part to concentrate on a task for a significant amount of time. We have found that recognition for this effort motivates children to not only maintain, but to increase, this level of effort. Just as in building strength in muscles, this concentrated effort at a young age will enhance your child’s ability to perform well once he/she enters school.
Vital Social Skills
Your child will train in a group environment with other children. Enhanced Self-esteem and confidence will make your child MUCH LESS LIKELY TO BE BULLIED or victimized.  We also emphasize respect and good manners. Your child will learn how to interact with adults in a courteous and respectful manner.
Aware and Safe
We all want our children to be safe! In our program, your child will learn how to recognize danger. They will learn what to do in an emergency, how to use 911, who to ask if they need help. Knowledge and awareness are the keys to being safe. We are committed to helping each and every child learn these vital safety skills.
Strong, Healthy Body
If your child is involved in a physical activity at a young age, he/she is much more likely to be active throughout their entire lives. Our program helps your child improve co-ordination, balance, and strength. Your child will develop his/her skills in a safe, non-competetive enviroment.