Special Programs

The Black Belt Club Program is a program developed by the ATA. It is open to all students regardless of rank or age. It represents the highest level of our "Success through Goal Setting" philosophy. Black Belt Club members are those who have set their goal at "Black Belt." Students must know exactly what their goal is if they are to move toward it with desire and conviction. A Black Belt Club patch is worn on the left sleeve of the uniform to remind then of their goal every time they put on their uniform.

However, the Black Belt Club is much more than just a patch. All Black Belt Club members are welcome to participate in the special Black Belt Club workouts held each month at their Taekwondo Center. These exciting workouts offer training in Protech, Musical Forms, Olympic Style Sparring, Muay Thai Boxing Drills, and much more. These special seminars will not only make you a better martial artist but will also prepare you for the courses taught at the black belt level.

There are several other programs available at our center:

Master Club- These members are those individuals who have dedicated themselves to continue on after their Black Belt level is achieved.

Junior Trainee Instructor Program- This program's mission is to build future leaders of America for a better tomorrow. The program was devised in order to allow children, ages 8-15, to prepare themselves for the Trainee Instructor program. It also aims to keep their interest up and gives a broader outlook for the students to draw upon.