Protech Training Systems

Joint Manipulation and Throwing Techniques

This course combines joint manipulation, Hapkido, & Aikido techniques. It is perfect for the student who would like to learn techniques like those Steven Segal uses. We also feel this program will be of interest to all students trying to broaden their own personal training and knowledge.
P.P.C.T.(Pressure Point Control Tactics)

This course is the original course offered by Protech Training Systems used primarily for work in conjunction with local law enforcement. It includes the secrets of "on touch knockout points" and "principles of control." This program has been legally, medically, and tactically researched to put it on hte forefront of control tactics. It is currently used by many secret agencies and law enforcement agencies.
Ground Fighting

A good martial artist can fight standing up, or from the ground. Many self-defense situations end up on the ground where the kicking and punching of Taekwondo are not always effective. Learn the techniques that can help you win the battle on the ground.
Street Self-defense

This course teaches you the most effective blocking and striking techniques for defense on the street. Based on Muay Thai Boxing techniques, students will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to defend themselves on the street.
S.H.A.R.P.(Sexual Harassment, Assault, and Rape Prevention)

The S.H.A.R.P. course for women includes three sections:
Prevention and psychology
Professional and social harassment
Assault countermeasures
This is great self-defense for women in the workplace!
Protech Weapons Training

We offer training in a wide range of traditional weapons including Nunchucku,knife defense, single and double stick,long staff,cane and more. These courses greatly increase hand-eye coordination and upper body strength.We are sure you would find these courses extremely enjoyable.