Know The RulesÖÖÖSafety Tips For Children
Bullet 1 1. Always TAKE A FRIEND with you when playing or going anywhere. Itís safer and more fun 
Bullet 2 2. Always CHECK FIRST with your parents, guardians, or the trusted adult in charge before you go anywhere or do anything. Be sure to CHECK IN regularly with your parents, guardians, or the trusted adult when you are not with them 
Bullet 3 3. Donít be tricked by people who offer you special treats or gifts. Never accept anything from anyone without your parentsí or guardiansí permission. 
Bullet 4 4. Never go onto a public restroom by yourself. 
Bullet 5 5. Stay SAFER when youíre at home alone by keeping the door locked; not opening the door for or talking to anyone who stops by unless the person is a trusted family friend or relative, you feel comfortable being alone with, and the visit has been pre-approved by your parents or guardians; and never telling anyone who calls that you are home by yourself. Have a neighbor or trusted adult you can call if you feel scared, uncomfortable or confused or thereís an emergency. 
Bullet 6 6. Donít wear clothes or carry items with your name on the outside, and donít be confused just because a person you donít know calls out your name. 
Bullet 7 7. Be careful when you play. Stay away from pools, canals, and other bodies of water unless you are with a trusted adult. Donít play near busy streets or deserted areas, and never take shortcuts unless you have your parentsí or guardiansí permission. 
Bullet 8 8. Never go alone to malls, movies, video arcades, or parks. Take a friend with you, and always CHECK FIRST with your parents and guardians to make sure to make sure itís okay. 
Bullet 9 9. Donít panic if you feel lost. Identify the safest place to go or the person to ask for help in reuniting you with your parents, guardians, or a trusted adult. Safe helpers could be a uniformed law enforcement officer or security officer, store sales person with a nametag, a person with a nametag working at the information booth, or a mother with children. Never search for your parents or guardians on your own, and never go with anyone who is trying to reunite you with them. 
Bullet 10 10. Donít get into a vehicle or go near a vehicle with anyone in it unless you are with your parents, guardians, or a trusted adult. Never take a ride from anyone without CHECKING FIRST with your parents or guardians. 
Bullet 11 11. Be careful playing or riding your bicycle, as it gets dark. Sometimes it is difficult for people driving to see you. Wear reflectors and protective clothing if your parents or guardians say you can play outside after dark. 
Bullet 12 12. Donít be afraid to say NO and GET AWAY from any situation that makes you feel scared, uncomfortable, or confused. TRUST YOUR FEELINGS, and be sure to TELL a trusted adult if anything happens to make you feel this way