Life Skill of the Month:
Now that we’re into summer full-swing, it’s important to keep your eye on the ball. That’s why this month’s life skill is GOALS. The most critical step in achieving a goal is WRITING IT DOWN. You see, a goal that isn’t written down is simply a dream. So, BE SURE TO PUT ON PAPER…
Tip #1: The Outcome -
Write down exactly what you hope to accomplish. Be specific. Envision in your mind’s eye what it will feel like to have achieved your goal. Picture it. The more clearly you can “see” your end result, the easier it is to accomplish. That’s step one.
Tip #2: The Target Date –
A lot of people make the mistake of writing a goal down…but never attach a date to it. Because of this, their goal gets put on the back burner and never becomes a priority. Don’t all into that trap. Instead, pick a target date. This forces you to think through the steps you need to take and create a timeline for achieving your goal.
Tip #3: The Mini-Steps –
Most big goals are actually a series of smaller steps. If your goal is a big one, break it down into bite-sized chunks. You’ll find it a lot easier to accomplish if you take it one small step at a time. When you do this, be sure to set dates you want to accomplish each mini-step, too!
Tip #4: Make It Public –
The more public your goal, the more motivated you are to achieve it. Tell others what your goal is and when you hope to achieve it. When you do this, your friends and family will hold you accountable as well as rally around you to help you reach your goal. Enlist their support!
This month, I want you to zero-in on your target with these goal-setting tips!