Facts & Myths Parents Need to Know
MYTH: Bullies suffer from insecurity and low self-esteem. They pick on others to make themselves feel more important

Research: Most bullies have average or above average self-esteem. They "suffer" from aggressive temperments, a lack of empathy, and poor parenting.

Myth: Bullies are looking for attention. Ignore them and the bullying will stop.

Research: Bullies are looking for control, and they rarely stop if their behavior is ignored. The level of bullying usually increases if the bullying is not addressed by adults.
Myth: Boys will be boys

Research: Bullying is seldom outgrown; it's simply redirected.About 60% of boys identified as bullies in middle school commot at least one crime by the time they are 24.

Myth: kids can be cruel about differences.

Research: Physical differences play only a smallrole in bullying situations. Most victims are because they are sensitive, anxious, and unable to retaliate.

Myth: Victims of bullies need to learn to stand up for themselves and deal with the situation.

Research: Victims of bullies are usually younger or physically weaker than their attackers. They also lack the social skills to develop supportive friendships. They cannot deal with the situation themselves.
What Our Parents Are Saying...
" Our son had low self-esteem with no desire to attend school due to some bullying. With time, the kids at his schoo; became aware that he was in Taekwondo and the bullying stopped. Just like that, my son's life changed completely. His focus changed, his attitude changed, and he was just overall a happy kid! I'm eternally grateful for the values they have instilled im my son"
The Nevarro Family- San Diego, Ca
" Because of the bullying Prevention Program my son knew he would be able to physically defend himself if needed, but he was able to use the program and there was no physical confrontation needed. This,to me, is very impressive sa he is not yet 8 years old."

Buddy and Heather Allen- Thomasboro,IL
What Our Students are Saying...
It has helped me feel much stronger and much more healthyand it has also helped me understand that if I put my mind to it, I can do it. It has also helped me to understand that if anyone tries to hurt me,i can defens myself. I guess it gets easier each time you do something thet used to make you scared.

Jamie Pruim- Peoria, Az
"I am proud to be a part of TYaekwondo. I have learned many things from my instructors. One is how to deal with bullying. I have learned how to have self confidence and discipline.. Fear none, but respect all."
Herschel Alexander- Memphis, Tn