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Secrets of Survival – Part 1 – Surviving the Boredom…
You’ve heard that TV and internet aren’t necessarily the best use of all of your time (or kids time) during the pandemic

  • TV television time was up the most week over week of any other audience demo. (Adweek) and…
  • Online predators put millions of children at risk during COVID-19 pandemic lockdown (That’s from the United Nations)

PLUS from what I have heard everyone is BORED! Now of course we’re offering one thing to so with our Online, Live Virtual Classes you can do At-Home but I also compiled some lists to help from other sources that I thought would be helpful (this is kind of a random list):

OK – That’s enough for now! What I also would definitely add to survive the boredom is to try Karate at ATA Martial Arts… If you aren’t a student already!

  • It’s for YOU and your family. We start with kids as young as 3 and every student is in specialized classes so you work at the pace that’s perfect for you.
  • You’ll build self-confidence because you’ll – in just a few weeks – learn important ways to protect yourself (and that’s not just from a rare physical attack but from very common situations such as bullying and harassment that happen all the time). Ultimately the confidence Black Belts build permeates their entire life.
  • Discipline – in just a few weeks will start to emerge. For parents of kids, this is important to get especially rolling into an uncertain summer.
  • You’ll develop fitness right at home! When things open up we invite you into our state-of-the-art facility but until then, there is zero drop off in the level of strength you’d build in your living room!

So take advantage of this right now. Our governor is not loosening the “stay at home” situation any time soon! To register, click HERE or on the form on this page!
To register
or on the form on this page!
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With 40 years of experience in the martial arts, Sr Master Dunn has had the priviledge of watching many students grow and develop. Many of his students have gone on to live successful, fulfilling lives. The attributes of discipline, respect, and confidence are the building blocks that made this possible. Classes are available for ages 3 thru adult. Everyone is welcome, everyone can experience the life changing benefits of martial arts training!
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