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Secrets of Survival – Part 2- Surviving the inactivity
today I wanted to speak about the issues right now with INACTIVITY... that staying at home during this crisis is causing

  • Gyms to close - it's hard to do your regular workout
  • Kids to watch more TV - less playing at school and outside
  • Adults (and families) to use the internet more (Facebook use is up 641%)
  • More unhealthy foods being eaten

All of these things are leading towards all the health issues that aren't going to be fixed overnight. While we certainly need to stay safe from the coronavirus, everybody needs to add activities to increase health!

That’s why we’re having community classes giving 2 weeks free to anyone who wants to get moving! Here are some results our students have gotten… 
  • “Ryan was spending at least 6-7 hours a day on the computer, but since starting Karate 2 month’s ago, he has spent a lot less time on the computer, more time outside – he’s a much happier boy! Thanks Guys!” Kim Hanson
  • “I have enjoyed training with my children & watching their growth!” Esther Hunter
  • As a 54 year old, I think the training has been a big health benefit. I also think the connection I have with other people is a great benefit a – to refer someone to Karate is a great feeling – knowing that they’re going to get the same benefits I have gotten!” Lawrence Chrysty
  • “My son started Karate at age 5. He is now a Black Belt at age 7. He was recently diagnosed with a developmental coordination disorder that affects his gross and fine motor skills. His medical provider attributed his Karate training as contributing to his ability to compensate and has been therapeutic!” Ms. Pate-Lamb
…and these are just some of the stories and results our students have gotten…

Sr Master Gerald Dunn

About Us
With 40 years of experience in the martial arts, Sr Master Dunn has had the priviledge of watching many students grow and develop. Many of his students have gone on to live successful, fulfilling lives. The attributes of discipline, respect, and confidence are the building blocks that made this possible. Classes are available for ages 3 thru adult. Everyone is welcome, everyone can experience the life changing benefits of martial arts training!
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