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Karate is for girls too – here’s a NON-Karate story…
I love this story (for all the Girls in Martial Arts) so I want
Sarah Thomas – the first Female Super Bowl Ref…

Here is the opening paragraph:

The lyrics are soaring and defiant: “And I’ll rise up. I’ll rise like the day! I’ll rise up. I’ll rise unafraid!”

Andra Day’s Grammy-nominated 2016 hit ‘Rise Up’ has been featured in television shows and commercials — it was played on the campaign trail by Hillary Clinton and performed at the inauguration of President Joe Biden — but in a Tampa hotel room in February, the song had an audience of just one.

Sarah Thomas had deliberately loaded it onto her playlist and she became emotional. “You’re broken down and tired of living life on a merry-go-round,” Day sings, “But I promise we’ll take the world to its feet and move mountains.”

“It just impacted me so strongly that morning,” the 47-year-old told CNN. “Every word of that song has meaning to my journey.”

An hour later, Thomas left the hotel and went to the Super Bowl. That night, she was sharing the stage with Tom Brady, the Lombardi Trophy and over 100 million people watching worldwide.

And another glass ceiling had been shattered.

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Her story is pretty cool but…
  I love these kind of stories because it reminds me of when
  parents   come in to Karate 4 Excellence with a son and daughter    and we ask “OK so the lessons are for both of the kids?” and they    say “Oh no! Only for my son.” A little bit of Gender Bias is alive 
  and well even with well meaning parents!
  If you’ve ever been kicked by a girl, you know martial arts (and all    sports) is for them too! There are SO MANY success stories at        our school about young girls who become strong women who          succeed that I wanted to share another one!
  I look forward to seeing you next time!!
Sr Master Gerald Dunn

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