Bullying Prevention Program
Keeping Kids safe, Happy, Strong by preventing Bullying

What Is Bullying
 Bullying among children is aggressive behavior that is intentional and that involves an imbalance of power or strength. A child who is being bullied has a hard time defending himself or herself. Usually, bullying is repeated over time. Bullying can take many forms such as hitting or punching (physical bullying), teasing or name-calling (verbal bullying), intimidation using gestures or social exclusion (nonverbal bullying or emotional bullying), and sending insulting messages by phone or computer e-mail (cyberbullying).
Grow, Develop,
Learn, Thrive
Age appropriate aimed at developing physical and mental capabilities
for Kids
Respect, Self-
Esteem, and
Confidence Building
Children can learn martial arts in a safe and stress free environment.
Martial Arts
For Teens
and Adults
Mind and Body Training for a healthy, fit life style
Learn self-confidence, get in shape, sharper minds, and valuable life skills.
Martial Arts
For Women
Kick Your Fitness Up
Intensity is Key
Martial Arts classes are exciting, challenging, motivating, and effective.
Forward to Friends and Family
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Effects Of Bullying
Bullying can have serious consequences. Children and youth who are bullied are more likely than other children to

 Be depressed, lonely, and anxious

 Have low self-esteem

 Be absent from school

 Feel sick

Think about suicide