Would confidence make your child less shy and more outgoing? 
Would discipline help your child perform better in school and be better behaved at home?
Would you like your child involved in an activity that promotes lifelong Fitness?
Did you know that martial arts teaches self-defense through safety and awareness, not just punching and kicking?
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Karate for Kids in not a competitive activity. The emphasis is on personal development and character building. Each student establishes their own goals. Achieving these goals (no matter how small), encourages them to accept greater challenges. the result is a child who grows into a confident, self-assured adult.
Discipline can be one of the most important martial arts values that transfers into other aspects of a child’s life. It goes beyond respect for authority who use correctional leadership and punishment, but rather focuses on self-discipline practices. In martial arts, the definition of ‘discipline’ doesn’t mean punishment, but the ability to control one’s emotions and short-term desires while productively working towards more meaningful long-term goals. In the dojo, this is instilled through the use uniforms, repeated practice of techniques, and use of respect-oriented customs which lead to greater focus and concentration
How many kids do you know that participate in sports when they are 5 years old, or 8 years old? Unfortunately, most of them are no longer participating when they reach their teens. This is because they no longer feel welcome unless they happen to be very good. In our martial arts program, the emphasis is on individual performance. This simple means that we focus on helping every student reach their potential. EVERYONE is welcome and valued! For many, fitness becomes a lifelong habit.
Many people confuse self-defense and fighting. Although learning physical techniques can give you the tools you need to defend yourself, they cannot replace awareness and judgement. Our martial arts program goes beyond just technique. We help kids learn to recognize dangerous situations before fighting is necessary. They also develop judgement so that they can stop situations from escalating into a physical confrontation.