Our child is enjoying her lessons every single day. We absolutely love how Master and Mrs. Dunn, encourage confidence, discipline, self respect and respect towards others in the children.
Great experience!! We are extremely happy here! Me, as the mom and my son as the student. My son has grown so much in every aspect of his life due to Karate with Senior Master Dunn.
The best martial arts program in Poughkeepsie. SR. Master Dunn and Mrs. Dunn. Are two very nice, professional instructors. They will teach your child honesty, courage, self respect, forms, and you will see a change in your childs abilities.
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ATA Tigers
Grow, Develop,
Learn, Thrive
Age appropriate aimed at developing physical and mental capabilities
for Kids
Respect, Self-
Esteem, and
Confidence Building
Children can learn martial arts in a safe and stress free environment.
Martial Arts
For Teens
and Adults
Mind and Body Training for a healthy, fit life style
Learn self-confidence, get in shape, sharper minds, and valuable life skills.
Martial Arts
For Women
Kick Your Fitness Up
Intensity is Key
Martial Arts classes are exciting, challenging, motivating, and effective.